Thursday, April 23, 2009


To teach is to touch the lives of many and to help us learn life is lessons.
But to teach well is to make a difference in all the live you touch.

To teach is to be a parents, nurse, friends, and confidant; to be supporter, a leader, and motivator. But to teach well is to be all of these things, yet not lose sight of who you are.
You share a part of yourself with all whose live you touched.

To teach is to be tender, loving, strong and giving to all who rely upon you; to encourage and praise. But to teach well is to believe in what and whom you teach.

A Teacher comes to master these many jobs throughout the years. But those who teach well recognize that there will always be more to learn in life’s journey, and they never hesitate to strive to learn it.
-Donna Bugler-



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